Dreams Never Come True

February 12, 2012
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Drifting, drifting to another place
Another space.
Falling, sleeping in my head
Moving, staying dead.
Cold as ice,
But twice as nice.
Burning in my hand
Scratching to understand.
Reaching for you
Nothing to do.
Something, anything to see
Begging to be.
Taking, drinking bleach
Just out of reach.
Fading, fading in space,
Asking, wishing as the dead
Lying still in my head.
Nothing, something nice 
Cold as ice.
Burning to understand
Looking for a hand.
Everything, anyway for you
Something to do.
Anyway to see
Asking to be
Barely, hardly out of reach.
Burned on bleach.
Forever, always loving you, 
Dreams never come true.

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