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February 8, 2012
By disenchanted SILVER, Yakima, Washington
disenchanted SILVER, Yakima, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
Because our love is the wind.I can't see it but oh I can feel it-A Walk to Remember.Sex is full of lies.The body tries to tell the truth.But,its usually to batttered with rules to be heard,and bound with pretense so it can hardly move- Jim Morrison

I dream of love
Call for trust
And plead for emotion
I cry for love
And breathe for peace
I know I’ve changed and don’t understand the way I am
But I live in fear
I’ve lost control
My minds a mess
My hearts in pain
I’m waiting
As patient as can be
I’m craving something
And trying to just be me
My love is strong
My mind isn’t so weak
And deep within
There’s someone you’ve never seen
I know who she is
Growing piece by piece
She is that everlasting flame
My never ending poetry
Two sides to a spectacular rose
An Everlasting sword
Growing sharp
She’s a peaceful force
That girl is me..

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