Your Story

February 14, 2012
Every life's a story, every single one.
Brave and bold
New and old
Happy, bleak, maybe no fun

Mysteries, fairytales, stories of every type
But all some people do is moan and groan and gripe
About the story that they got
They claim its just all filth and rot

These folks believe there life just sucks
To that I say, Crabapples, shucks!
If you were here, could you have loved?
If your story was different, if you had been shoved
Into an unfamiliar plot:
Someone else's story would've changed quite a lot

You see every story is vital, to at least one other
A friend, a love, your uncle's cousin's best friend's mother
So hear this now, I do beg
Let me do my best to peg;

Down this poem, fairly quick
I love your story that's no trick
If your story had never met mine
Its likely that I wouldn't be fine
This is how I'd like to say
Happy, happy Valentine's day
Because I really, truly do
Love your whole story, and you too

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