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January 21, 2012
By Ivorykeys28 BRONZE, Oxnard, California
Ivorykeys28 BRONZE, Oxnard, California
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The poetic uses of our intertwined lives,

show our triumphs as well as our strives.

Our love (budding as a blossom in June),

may be unseen to others;

and our parents may not understand,

but even in the dark I know it's still there.

Living gets hard when you are away

from the one you love.


One must know that even when we are far away

we are still




A sage once said,

that the world is only as large as you find it to be.

You can tackle it with force, using all the strength you have;

or one can coax it into their favor,

moment by moment.

My heart feels restless when I am away from you,

yet it continually beats simply for your touch.

For the relatively of

where you are


where I am

is miniscule;

compared to how we long for each other.

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