Sable Matrimony

January 21, 2012
Standing, heart audibly beating,
as you stare at the path before you.
You take ginger steps,
keeping to the middle,
like it’s a hallowed aisle.
You think of all the moments leading up to this one.
Happiness, sadness, twists of fate and everything in between.
A sudden fear clenches you,
and your feet freeze in mid step.
What if this isn’t the right decision?
You blink.
Once, twice, three times,
then steel your spine and continue.
Nervousness still nibbles at the back of your brain,
but there is also a wild excitement-
You can feel it bubbling at the base of your stomach.
You look forward, head erect,
Back straight,
Hair gently blowing.
Your future ahead of you,
a long train behind.
Then it hits with a sickening thud,
And there is no one around to witness your I do’s to death.

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