My Sight On Life

February 3, 2012
By JuggaloSmurf BRONZE, Bohemia, New York
JuggaloSmurf BRONZE, Bohemia, New York
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My heart right now is screaming so many things I don't know what it is saying

But right now I know my mind is praying

Maybe this life can become some wild ride

But at this point, it doesn't matter how hard I try

I can think that only life will grow some eyes

And see what I see, from a point to cry

I can share with you right now how I feel

The only problem is, it feels so unreal

Pain and misery is all I can tell

Because that is all I ever felt

Love does not exists in the world I live

Because it just seems like love is a fib

It seems like trouble is the only thing I cause

Then my life will take one great pause

Because my heart has been worn down

And that’s why most people see me frown

You think you’re an ace in the deck

So it looks like I will have to give you a reality check

You feel like you have all of the power

But I will show you that I am the world’s greatest tower

I will show you what it really means to feel pain

Because when I die, it will not be in veins

I can show you what is right and wrong

And show you that you knew all along

So there is no need to thank me now

But with you all listening I can say aloud

That I am insane

With the pain that I have felt destroying my brain

With Hell being my only sanctum

Which may be different for some

But I can explain this with my heart all alone

As I look for my true home

Maybe life is one large rollercoaster

That is why I pull these words out of my holster

To give my words of wisdom

To all who believe that can lead you to your kingdom

As I lay these feelings down to sleep

For all who think these is something to keep

This can show I can be your scapegoat

So you can let your feelings afloat

And you think I am closer to all you think is dead

But with this my feelings has been fed

As I sooth the souls of the fallen

I know I will hear you callin’

And as my heart beats with every thought

I never could have imagined I would get caught

So as I leave you with will

I have given you the power to fill

Everything you always needed

As I sat here and pleaded

For the sake of everyone here

I was what you all feared

The gift of knowing all

And the power to call

To God Himself to save you later

And he will cater

To the power in your mind

And I’m afraid that’s what you need to find

So as I bare to your every sin

Now we can let the fun begin

As I care to show you what it means to look at life

It shows that not everyone is meant to roll the dice

So as you take your final stand

Make sure you have a back-up plan

Cause anything could occur

As that evil can lure

You into the dark

You can be able to park

Your dreams into the light

And really show them how to fight

Like your life in on the line

And as you agree to sign

The life of what had made

You see your shadow pull into the shade

You can see your soul

Turn black as coal

As the dirt begins to rise

You open your eyes

Just to see what you have seen before

As what you see is your inner core

And see what mistakes had happened once again

There is no turning back to what you defend

So now you can see what true pain is like

I can say syke

Because you still don’t know

What it means to show

What it is you want to see

On what you want to be

You can see what has happened in the past

But you don’t recognize it because it went by too fast

Sometimes you blew your cover

But you say you were their secret lover

And as they look past all of the lies

The only thing you can do is try

To make amends with the ones you hurt

As you see the world turn to dirt

You still may think you know what I mean

But you will never know because you have not seen what I have seen

So let’s take a journey

For the power of turning

Your life around

Which has still been yet to be found

The author's comments:
Wrote this when I was in North Carolina visting my mom. For four hours I sat in the back of my mom's truck and wrote this all on my phone.

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