Love... Is it a sin?

February 5, 2012
By Luis0509 SILVER, Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Luis0509 SILVER, Fort Walton Beach, Florida
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Is love a sin? Loving someone with all your heart, is it a sin?
Well let’s see
A person can only give so much, but I have give in my all
More that I could have imagine
What was the outcome?
People got hurt; I took it in very deep
Eventually, nothing is the same, will it be? Doubt it
Tears of blood my heart has pumped, why?
Confidence has shattered apart
Now it’s really hard to build it back
People that you have built a bond with
That bond... Wow I don’t know
My love… so beautiful yet painful
We have been through really tough situations
The toughest one yet… Painful talk
Ripped hearts left behind
Lovers suffering… All they want is to be together.
I do… She does too… I hate when she is sad or mad
All I want is to make her happy.

Luis Meza ©

The author's comments:
Painful decisions

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