Why she cries

January 18, 2012
By aschmeeds GOLD, Grimes, Iowa
aschmeeds GOLD, Grimes, Iowa
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Mascara Runs,
Emotions flood,
tears keep falling.
She is done.

She tried to forgive,
She tried to forget,
yet lives a life, of regrets.

Her peers all hate her,
Her friends don't even see,
Whats truly happened where the scars leave.

She says she's fine,
she told a lie,
when all she thinks about is how to die.

She places a fake smile,
tight upon her face,
When faking it,
is her only strength.

She cries all night,
She's wants to die.
Crying is her lullaby.

To all of you who are quick to judge,
take a look at what you done.

Just stop and stare deep into her eyes,
and see how much she truly cries,
the only question left is why,
why is she dieing deep inside?

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