Yeah, I Was Angry When I Wrote This. . .

January 25, 2012
By yuppp BRONZE, Rolla, Missouri
yuppp BRONZE, Rolla, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:

Man, this assignment sucks
I don’t know what to write about
So just like the rest of the world, when things get tough,
I’m gonna complain

If I would have started sooner,
Maybe I’d be done,
And not be sitting here the day before it’s due,
Trying to put it all together as things pop into my head

Oh my gosh! Leave me alone mom!
Can’t you see I’m trying to work!
No I don’t want chicken, we had that last night
Fine I just won’t eat then. . . Do we have any Cheezits?

Will someone please turn the TV down?
I can’t focus with all this noise
I’m never going to finish this on time
Why did I wait till the last minute to do this?

Oh hey, let’s make this a little more challenging and stressful,
Now you’re girlfriend’s pissed at you for some stupid reason
That apparently you “wouldn’t understand about. . .”
Yeah, there we go, now it’s getting good

What! Why won’t the internet load?
I just want to check my Facebook real quick
By real quick I mean take a 2 hour break too chat and socialize with friends
But whatever! The sooner I finish this, the better
I just want to go to bed, and go to sleep.
The new episode of Sponge Bob last night sucked
It was awful, I wouldn’t recommend it.
Huge disappointment

Is this Poem almost over???
How long did it have to be again?
Oh well, I don’t care,
I’m going to bed.

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