The Heart

January 8, 2012
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The heart wants joy
When to life the heart holds on;
The heart wants the whisper
Of another heart in sight.
The heart wants no pain,
No tears; well, why would it?-
The heart wants to pray
For the heart's heart to beat.
The heart is a selfish mind
Of its own, beating away-
The heart is a clever mind
Of its own, knowing all weakness.
The heart can rule over
The mind and live to tell;
But to succumb to the mind
The wild heart doth cry.
The heart knows nothing-
With nothing lies life's power;
The heart knows all too
When all rests with God.
The heart doth shatter love
And be shattered all the same;
With tears, laughter, smiles
The wild heart doth lead all astray.
And when the heart is stolen,
The art of the heart failing;
The heart doth live again
For another one of its beings.
So when the beholder lives
The heart lives too-
The minute the beholder ceases,
So the heart does too.
The heart is a fickle friend-
Yet I trust mine to my end.

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