A Hardened Heart

December 20, 2011
By XxScenekidxX GOLD, Portsmouth, Virginia
XxScenekidxX GOLD, Portsmouth, Virginia
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I Hate to be depressed,
and I don't know what to do,
these people around me just don't see right though,
you wonder and wander about me all the time,
but as you don't know I'm not doing any fine,
I may not be alone but I always feel alone,
and I don't know why,
but I'm always hurting inside,
So I take it upon myself without a pain or tear,
never showing a single fear,
I keep everything hidden inside,
cause I don't want to anyone to see my cry,
I'm a sensitive person that never shows,
that cries every time a problem grows,
things always seem too harsh,
I cant make myself seem to march,
I never wanted to stay in this dreadful place,
but for my friends I have to stay,
sometimes I want to run far away from home,
cause home always felt like a dome,
so now you see all the problems that have come,
my life has never begun,
someone is always putting me down,
which can always make a frown,
you try to make this a happy place,
this cant be heaven cause it feels like I'm in hell,
to try to make a difference with all the wrong things,
its already too late to make a change,
I hated my life from the beginning,
it never makes sense every time I try to sing,
the curses that are lurking inside of my head,
at a certain point I think I might lose it,
a hardened heart can never be purified,
which means your life will be a bad sign

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