Sleep Has Been Put To Rest

January 12, 2012
After years of energizing
and numerous hours
under the bed covers,
sleep has left me.
Under my covers,
hugging my pillows,
and rolling around and around.
Sleep summoned me to a soothing rest.
I used to receive this great gift
at least eight hours every night,
but now it is just diminishing
each night,
becoming less and less.
The curse of school
keeps me away from the bed.
Books, papers, worksheets
keep me awake all night.
When I finally fall asleep down,
morning arrives too soon.
I do not dream anymore,
I am like a robot,
going through the motions
without recharging
the battery.
Sleep has slipped sneakily away.
I try to keep it close,
and even when it comes,
it has lost the peacefulness.
Sleep has always been there for me.
I could count on it to wash over me
for eight hours every night
under the covers
hugging my pillow
underneath my blanket.
Without my precious sleep,
I am restless,
I am a mess,
I walk around each day tired,
just hoping for sleep to return,
that night.

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