December 16, 2011
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It’s something we all have to be at some point.

The feeling of being vulnerable, can be scary.

But if you can trust someone, you can get through it.

Ex. When your on the floor in a cold sweat, shaking unable to stand,

nd you call for someone because you trust they will help you move and not hurt you.

Ex 2. Telling someone your deepest probelms and secrets, giving them the chance to hurt you, but trust that they wont. I believe this is the most important part of having any friendship or relationship.

Ex 3. Doing something like eating or drinking a strange recipe when someone tells you to, because yu trust it will help you, if thats what the person says.

Ex 4. Sleeping at someones house, trusting you will be safe.

You know, you have to be vulnerable to survive, or your not human.

you’d have to lock yourself up alone, every night, all the time.

If you’re not vulnerable at some point, you will never truly live.

Vulnerability is important. You have to do it.

Or, be a hermit.

Decide for yourself

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