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January 4, 2012
By dylanlane6 BRONZE, St Helens, Oregon
dylanlane6 BRONZE, St Helens, Oregon
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I Love Life

I Love that feeling nobody can take away from you.
I love my sports life catching the football making that touchdown that wins the game. You always will have bad things happen in life but you have to love every second that you get in life’’ every moment you are breathing you need to enjoy it.
I love thinking about having kids. Watching them grow up. Taking them hunting Protecting them Helping them with academics. That’s what people have to do think about others not just parents but everybody. If you don’t then your going to be treated bad nobody is going to care what you say what you do nobody will be there for you.
The reason I wanted to write about life is because I love all the stuff in it not just one thing. If I just loved one thing in life I think life would be really boring. Just having your mind set on one thing your whole life.
I love my friends. If I didn’t have my best I don’t know what I would do. I wouldn’t have somebody to talk to when I’m down. I wouldn’t have somebody to hang out with twenty four seven. I am so happy we are friends so I just wanted to say thank you Myles for being there for me.
You have to love the little things in life like saying thank you your welcome helping your mom with dishes. That stuff makes your life better a little bit at a time every little step makes it better.
I love thinking the next second I could change the world by doing something spectacular. But I also love thinking that is impossible I can never do it I am just an original kid hoping that something is possible when it is impossible.
I love getting intelligent going to school wondering if I am going to be bored the whole day or have fun and learn.
I love playing football being a wide receiver watching the ball land in my hands and me knowing I am going to make a beautiful touchdown.

I love life’’. All of these things are my love put in one word Life. You have to love every little bit of it lose or win in life Live it and love it and learn it.

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