stone wall

December 16, 2011
By shizune BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
shizune BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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You think of a stone wall
Full of homes and love
But for him it’s a stone wall
Stuck inside like a dark prisoner

Home so small so poor
Abused all his life
Locked away from people
Behind this stone wall

As a dog in a cage three times smaller
Used his life dyeing
No more trying the walls aren’t fading
As he lays crying

He only hides himself
Like the stone hiding his home
Never loved only hated
Slowly fading behind the slating wall

Problems more and more
Closed doors open more
Slowly dying but he only hides
Stayed lying to only cry

A stone wall may chip but never crumbles
But she can see beyond the wall
To a little boy scared to fall
Hiding and crying he never heard her call

The stone wall will crumble
Soon before she can touch it
His mouth finally learned to smile
Behind the wall that hides the miles

Wipes his eyes
Becomes so close
The wall finally crumbles
He learned to be so humble

Now aloud to breathe only
Fresh air to see
The colors around him blend

He can hear her voice so sweet
A beauty to behold
Finally they can be combined
Never looks back never stands to wait
The stone wall lays flat
Finally found his perfect mate

The author's comments:
I made this for my boyfriend this was how his life went

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