I Was Once on a Plane to Somewhere Else

December 15, 2011
By taylor.hager BRONZE, Willow Street, Pennsylvania
taylor.hager BRONZE, Willow Street, Pennsylvania
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I was once on a plane to somewhere else.
And on that plane to somewhere else, I saw everything else.
All of the people and cars did not look like ants. They simply looked like miniature people and cars. But at night, all of the lights looked like tiny fireflies that drew pictures with their brightness around buildings and figures. They were the edges of the jigsaw puzzle that we all live in.
Which made me think: What do the birds think of us? They soar so high above our heads, do they soar above our level or thinking as well? Do they have the irrefutable ability to see us for who we really are? For from where they are we are merely little people driving in little cars. We are rather insignificant in the grand scheme of things. 
Yet, to us, the world seems so small, for the world becomes just our lives. We seem to forget, if not blatantly neglect, the world around us. All that is of importance to us is ourselves, our lives, our possessions. Humans are truly selfish creatures. 
Perhaps the people who claim that they do not know who they are have a suspicion that there is more out there that they have not grasped. Perhaps they have an inkling that they cannot know who they genuinely are because they are unable to see things from a different point of view or perspective. Perhaps somewhere inside of them, they know that the eyes that give them the ability to discern also limit them.
Those birds are the only entities that see us for who we veritably are. 

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