law of sin

December 12, 2011
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I find myself to steady my hand as it trembles across the page.
There are chants reverberating in my chest, as if ready to break down a blockade.
Pounding and pounding on that heavy oak door.
What are you searching for?
What is hiding in there?
Finally the door breaks open into splinters.
Numbers pour into the halls
Chaos and confusion scurry across the lined floors,
They come muttering incoherent syllables
Riddles are etched into the wall.
“What is ‘A’?”
What do you mean “What is ‘a’?”
Then secret messages appear
“b2 a2 c2 2ac cosB”
If the door has been broken why do I still hear the pounding,
Feel the floor beneath my feet tremble.
I cannot let this fear invade my home,
I take my sword and there in their places I paralyze them
No longer shall they run wildly, I place them where they belong.
I decipher riddles,
Decode messages,
And silence murmurs
It’s over...
“Alright guys, turn in your tests and have a great weekend.”
Bye Mr. Hamric.

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