What is Life without meaning?

December 11, 2011
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What is life without meaning?
There isn’t a meaning, without life.
Life gives you so many opportunities; it gives you so much hope, and belief.
That somewhere out there, is your destiny, your fulfillment.
That love is out there waiting for you.
That everything is waiting for you, just at the end of the line.
Dreams are our desires and goals
But a dream without a plan, is only a fantasy
That will never happen.
Our imperfections, define who we are, in a way.
We as people all make mistakes, but we learn from them, and we grow
We grow from the roots deep within this unpurified earth all the way to the sun that enlightens our day
Whether we know it or not, the sun, is always there.
Even when times are dark, the sun remains tranquil.
Life, truly is beautiful, and divine, and oh so bittersweet.
Life has a pungent taste, but a sweet after taste.
Being alive, and living, is the greatest gift of all.
Because once life is lost, it can’t be given back.
It’s that one fragile gift, you have to hold onto, for as long as possible, and enjoy every second you have with it
Never take life for granted, you never know when it can be taken away.
Breathe in the pleasant air of life, and be appreciative for every breath you take.

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