December 13, 2011
By Mia Chai BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
Mia Chai BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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She is broken
Just a doll thats been tossed away
She acts strong
This girl is stubborn
She refuses to be seen as weak

She may act strong
But in truth
She can’t face her fears
She glares
She sneers
She ignores
It’s all just to hide her pain

She cries
But won’t admit it
She’s been hurt so much
Just thrown away like a broken toy
She can’t even trust

She believes that no one is good
That everybody lies
That no one deserves to be trusted
They’ll just hurt her again
She wants someone to prove her wrong

A girl who was once naïve and trusting
Can no longer trust
She pushes people away
So nobody can hurt her
She’s not the person she once was

The girl we knew isn’t there anymore
She was replaced with a lost soul
Who no longer knows who she is

She’s more lost than ever before
She walks alone in the darkness
Unsure of where to go

There are no more second chances
No more time for forgiveness
Your times run out

She’s broken
And she can’t be fixed

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