my personal poem

November 15, 2011
You can call me the girl that no one ever liked, Call me the girl who hurt & ever cared about, Call me the girl that you can pass in the hall & not give a damn, Call me the forgotten.

People are always making fun of me because they can’t accept that I am different than them so they are always trying to change me into something I am not.

All I ever wanted was to feel like I belong,
All I ever wanted was to feel like somebody.

What became of me, it never hurt like this, at the end of it all a heartless machine, at the end of it all now I stand alone.
Everything I need in front of me, what I wanted to be.

Enclosed in velvet darkness, searching for the light
Trying for peace but instead I found a fight
The fight im in is with myself
It’s a fight I don’t know if I can win
These people are always waiting
Waiting to see what I become.
Jesus is my father, my savior
There is no one like him
I may have my troubles, I may have my doubts
But I know that he is always there to help me out.

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