Worthy of Love

November 9, 2011
By Anonymous

A paradox-

Contradicting yourself

At every turn.

You know what you want,

But don’t realize you already have it.

Looking for it in the wrong places;

Places you know you can not get it from.

Yet where it exists

You seem to overlook it,

Or misinterpret it completely.

Trying to act like them,

Those people you don’t like.

Doing a good job at times,

Yet you know you are not.

Fooling others that you fool yourself,

Yet you know you don’t.

Seemingly forever happy,

Thick-skinned, shallow, uncaring.

But you see more than they ever will,

Care more than they can.

And though you try and hide it;

I think I know you hurt.

A soul more beautiful than most;

Yet not cherished like it should be.

Shunned by those it approached,

And masked itself to look like one with them.

But under that mask, I think I still see it;

I may be wrong, but I could swear.

That under the mask, its eyes are deep,

And wherever it belongs, it is not there-

Not with people who think it’s funny,

To crush a dream, to break a heart.

Not with people, so caught up in themselves,

That they forget others exist.

Still you keep on pretending,

But somewhere there you must have slipped up,

Because I think I see you for who you are-

The person behind the huge façade.

Yet people’s love you see as hate,

And remain hidden behind your mask.

And I just wonder when you'll see

That they're not real,

They're not friends.

The problem's not you,

The problem's them.

They don't see you,

They don't get you.

They don't know

who you are inside

But if you'd just look

At the people who care,

Then you would see

That though they don't realize it,

You're not unworthy of love.

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