Time's Up

November 10, 2011
By , palatine, IL
"Tick, tick," says the ticking clock,
"I'm ticking in your head to tell you, that I'll soon stop,
My gears are rusty, my chains too old,
The case for me is brown, not gold,
Tick, tick I'm telling you, your time is almost up,
Please, please, I'm begging you, please gain my trust."

"Buzz, buzz," goes the flickering lamp,
"I remind you, your life will go down a ramp,
My base chipped of wood, my bulb covered in dust,
The paint that covers me, is peeling its own crust,
Buzz, buzz i sing to you, my light is almost out,
Oh dear, my dear, I mourn for you, listen to my shout."

"Spark ,spark," says the burning fire,
"I warn you that your life is on a wire,
My wood is deathly black, and the air is growing thin,
It's hard for me to stay alive, my light is becoming dim,
Spark, spark I breathe for you, my life is nearly gone,
Hear me, listen, or your nothing more than a pawn."

And when you do not see the signs,
and too late you've realized you lost track of time,
Your mind is ignorant, your eyes see no light,
you have no more say in what's wrong and what's right,
In the end, You'll beg, you'll scream, you'll shout,
In the end you'll realize, "Tick, tick, time has run out."

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