November 2, 2011
By Weetzie_Elli GOLD, Sterling Heights, Michigan
Weetzie_Elli GOLD, Sterling Heights, Michigan
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The only good thing that she
Had ever done for me
Was take me shopping,
To a store filled with beautiful lingerie, in neon.
The only good thing the she
Had ever done for me,
Was dress me in pretty rhinestones;
Paint my face with sticky makeup that made me eyes feel heavy.
Spin me into fishnet shirts and silk skirts,
So that I was pretty for Him. Tell me what I had to say;
What I couldn’t say. She made me believe I could be happy without Him,
If only for one night.
But Nameless’ body didn’t feel like His, pressed up against my back
As we danced. I longed to feel His arms wrapped around me.
His heart beating through His shirt, so that it felt like music
Against my skin.
I missed Him.
And His hurtful words melted from my brain the moment
He grabbed my waist,
And I forgot the world.

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