November 2, 2011
By bledcolors GOLD, Mishawaka, Indiana
bledcolors GOLD, Mishawaka, Indiana
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Strange things happen during the month of July,
Her smile belonged there,
Somehow I was not surprised,
That the impossible would show up in a place like this,
Coming from the water’s edge

Had me wrapped around your finger because you knew how to close a letter,
Now you’re wrapped around my middle,
And I’m in charge of the choral, the citharizer,
I’d ask you to hold me,
To hold me above the water,
But you’re carrying enough on your shoulders as is

Inject the heroine to become one,
But I knew it all under the tables,
Easier to read than labels,
The jester’s signed out of court,
This finale has no strings attached, so the hussy might have a fussy,
Coming from the water’s edge

Immerse myself, all on my own,
Place myself into a one fit chassis without your remaining touch,
Poltergeist in your skull,
Shake, shake, shaking

Foregoing, going, foregone, exploited behind the scenes,
A cheap quality film, woman,
Was I even mentioned in the f***ing credits?
So sorry I let myself look down,
Thirty-six to one

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