Men Lie But Some Women Don't See It!

October 22, 2011
By Krbj33 BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
Krbj33 BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
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Life Builds Up Tons And Tons Of Regrets,
Some May Be Hurtful And Some May Seem As A Threat.
The More Times You Don’t Listen To Your Gut, The More Things You Regret,
So Out Of All Of The Times He Lied, Is It Worth Keeping Him On Your Chest?
I Don’t Cheat! You’re The Only One I Love!
She’s Just A Friend! You’re The Only One That’s In My Mind Above!
I’d Never Hurt You Again! And I Promise Ill Stay With You Till The Very End!!
Lies Are Used Every Single Day And That’s Just Something That Certain Men Do,
Men Tend To Lie When There Stuck On Problem And Have No Clue On What To Do.
You Would Never Think He Would Be The One Person To Break Your Heart,
But Truth Be Told You Were Getting Lied To From The Very Start.
You Thought He Liked You A lot But He Just Used You Like A Toy,
You Shed Tears Of Anger, While He Shed Tears Of Joy.
He Then Told You He Was Sorry And Will Never Do It Again,
Then You Made The Mistake Of Letting Him Back In Your Life Starting Over As New Friends.
But Little Do You Know Once You’re A Liar You Will Always Be One In The Heart.
So Think About That First Lie He Made And Think About Is It Worth It Happening Again And Giving Him A Fresh New Start!

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