Off The Path

October 16, 2011
By AlextheLion DIAMOND, Fort Wayne, Indiana
AlextheLion DIAMOND, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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Some days I lay here confused.
Dignity scarred, ego bruised.
Lost in decisions on a T-chart.
So many pro's, so many con's.
But no definitive wrong or right.
Life is one hell of a plight.
The close thoughts become far
When you're alone in your car.
These feelings just won't go away.
They cover my mind as I lay.
They rip off my sheets ferociously.
When I sit here in grave dismay.
Imaging myself only months ago.
Have I dwindled, or have I grown?
I want to swim in my flourishing choices.
Not drown in my own mind's noises.
Who do I follow in my lost path?
I can't find my own shadow in the dark.
So how do I leave this world,
Leaving my own mark?
No one can answer who I am.
So tired right now...
I just can't...

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