The Simple Truths Of A "Confident" Girl

October 8, 2011
By Anonymous

I feel like I'm looking over the edge of a cliff
Contemplating whether or not I should jump

Staring into the black water at the bottom of the cliff
I think just for a minute
If everyone else would happy
Without me


Yes, Dad
I am upset

Yes, Dad
You caused it

No, Dad
I can’t tell you what you did
To make me upset

Why can’t I tell you?
Because I’m not even supposed to know


Every time I think of food
I swallow a huge gulp of water
Hoping it will take my mind
Off the food I so wish to eat


Fighting, fighting
They’re always fighting
Mother and son
Screaming at each other
Over every little thing

Things that were misinterpreted
Things that were never said
Things that were assumes

Its happens too often


I may seem happy
On the outside

But what you don’t see
What I don’t let you see
Is that on the inside
I’m scarred and bleeding

I would self-harm
But I’m too afraid
Too afraid that someone will see
And not do anything about it

But just because I don’t leave physical evidence of my pain
Doesn’t mean it isn’t there


I am a display of my parents love
Love that once was
But is no more


It’s nice to know
That when you’re around
You pay attention to me
Sneak glances at me
Try to make me laugh

But when a girl older
Or prettier
Or curvier than me comes along
You completely ignore me

I feel like I’m just some girl that you play with
When nothing better is around to chase


I can keep my composure in public
I can keep a perfect poker face when someone asks if I’m okay

But once I’m left alone
That strong image I acquire melts away
And I become the broken, hurt, and scarred girl that I truly am

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