Seeing is never Believing

October 3, 2011
Today I am not who you would normally see,
I have this wild dream,
I take risks that might kill me.
My mother hates me,
My father fears me,
My siblings revere me.
My hope is bound by thoughts of another,
My dream is to see,
I feel blind by the world,
I can’t speak out,
I might die in this drought,
But I can still hear you cry.
This world is another form of torture,
Words mean nothing next to eyes,
Unless you see past the truth to the REAL lies,
I am a person yet you see a possession.
I’m late for my date with death,
Wither away those dreams of hate,
Replaced by a false sense of love.
Loss is not suffering,
The word has no meaning,
Hunger is justified by death,
Nothing is ever left.
Open your eyes,
Run as fast as you can,
Chased by the truth,
Find comfort in your lies,
‘Cause in the end…
You Die.

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