'Sweet Dreams' Is A Lie

October 5, 2011
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It's still early for me
I look out the window and still see a star
The small glow is dim in the dawn
But still denying it's tiredness from the sun

I don't feel drowsy
Or tired or weak
I just feel pain throughout my body
Begging to relax and give in

Thoughts are swarming around my head
Their buzzing rings in my ears
'Don't go' they whisper
And the sweet, melodic voices win me over

I know that my eyes wont close
But when they do, that'll be it
They won't open for three more hours
Until my mind remembers that it forgot

People are rising all around me
From their peaceful slumber
Their cars drive past my window as they go places
Without a second thought

But what they don't realise
Is that the world sleeps with one eye open...

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