Only love and lies

October 3, 2011
By decieve_the_rainbow BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
decieve_the_rainbow BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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His words are only lies
Love and passion in disguise
For nothing is forever
And no one but me
Should know this better

His smiling face that
Makes me sick
His hateful words He’ll have
To pick
For HE wouldn’t want mindless
Chatter for fear my tender heart
WILL shatter

He’ll say
He’ll stay
Then walk away
From His one true love
And now His little baby girl
WILL never truly
Let her heart unfurl
For it will stay, cold and hard
For ever more
An ugly open sore

Because of him
There is no love
On a whim
And life without love
Is truly absurd
For the words
This baby girl has never heard

And every day
This baby girl
WILL have to take
Just one more breath
And one more break
For everyone is expecting her
To live the life
They’ve been waiting for

They don’t see her skin
They don’t see her face
They see and object
To take their place

For remember little girl
Whose heart won’t ever unfurl
Whose daddy left
Whose mother wept
Whose best friend kept
Whose true love left
That nothing
That no one
Is forever
And believe me
For no one else should know this better

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