A day in the Life of Al

October 5, 2011
By AlFen BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
AlFen BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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I am from baby Al, to big Al
I am from the chubby cheeks and the buck teeth.
I am from “Ralze” the nickname I gladly accepted as a young Gerber child,
I am from the sound of the lawnmower jolting out of bed just to sit on pap’s lap, Gram Grams SpongeBob character Mac and cheese, eggie beggies and Pokémon sorry.
To the birth of Al Jonathan Fenrich, opening my eyes to the most beautiful and loving mother Jo Jo, and the pimp himself my papi Bill.

Our father who art in Heaven,
The pre game prayers and the adrenaline pumping Biggie Smalls,
Leading to the Friday Night Lights, the taste of the black beads, the turf burn, and the shine off the gold helmets,
To the post game, walking off the field and through the tunnel, seeing the unhappy fans due to a 1-8 season,

From the weights clacking,
The grunting,
Bursts of air,
Every rep and every set,
Flat out hard work.

From watching the sweat drip off that bald head of Shaq’s
To wearing the Shaq shoes throughout the halls at Emeline cook,
To witnessing the championships and the retirement,
Truly a legend and a role model.

I am from “Thought we had daughters not three” to the sweet mothers voice, “Its okay honey, rough day at work”
I am from faking a fall, just to get my sisters in trouble, to the wonderful tune of “Bucky the Beaver” or “Here Bucky come knaw on some wood”
To Teen mom being on, listening to the two brats bicker because I got to watch my ESPN highlights.

I am from the Chinese ping pong league.
From, “Are you stinkin kidding me” to “Go home and watch Cat Dog”
To seed spitting, tomahawk jamming, and trash talking.
To a crisp glass of milk in the favorite reptar mug, with strudels and glaze before bed.
I am from “Scuba Steve” telling me to get my homework done to hip, hip hop? Hippoponanamus?
From girls staring... (Take notes ladies) to Harry Potter goggles.
To Jersey Shore, Dragon Ball Z, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Pokémon.

“Never give in, never give up”.

I am From.
I will not.
I will.
Hard work,
Everyday schedule.
What time is it?
Game time.
Being Big Al?

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