Maybe, Someday.

October 4, 2011
My eyes meet yours,

just like a thousand and one times before,

but this one was different.

as you green eyes follow the seemingly endless lines

of the semi-useful information,

the light about you flickers the bulb is slowly dying.

I watch intensely as you’re Rough and calloused hand

rises to push the hair out of your face this process repeats every few minutes.

you reach out to turn the page of our out-dated text book.

I sit across from you in this almost empty room.

the light continues to flicker.

I adjust in my seat.

I slightly lower my head to see my computer screen.

The music in my earbuds becomes the center of my attention.

Chad Kroeger’s voice blasts in my ears

about how someday, he’s going to make it alright

with his girlfriend of the moment.

beyond my headphones the room is silent

except for the sounds of papers moving and the heater kicking on and off.

You sit back in your seat rubbing your right temple.

You look up and I smile brightly.

My eyes meet yours, just like a thousand

and one times before.

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