Her And Her Piano

September 13, 2011
By Anonymous

She is alone
In her house
With her brand-new
Red Grand Piano

She marvels
At its beauty
Notices the way it glimmers
In the morning light

She runs her fingers
Over the keys
And listens to the
Sharp sound they make

She doesn't
Need friends
Because she has
A big red Grand Piano

She's always sitting there
In front of
The big bay window
Playing her big red Grand Piano

She had waited
For so this so long
The day when she'd have
This piano to call her own

She'd seen one like this
Only once before
In a dream she'd had
Many years ago

Her heart races
As she sits on
The bench
And begins to play

Ah! What a beautiful
Sound it elicits!
No other sound in the world
Can match that of a piano's

She plays a familiar tune
From way back when
How's she's longed
For this moment

Her fingers
Glide along the keys
With ease
Never missing a beat

"This is MY moment,"
She tells herself
"This is MY moment to shine.
To make a difference.

"With my music,
Stars will seem to vanish,
Worlds will collide,
And hearts will melt."

She plays all day
She plays all night
She plays until there's nothing
Left to do but sigh

But even then
She doesn't stop
It's become a disease
That has consumed her whole body

She plays until
Her finger hurt
And her brain becomes

This started out
As something wonderful
But ended
In complete disaster

On the verge
Of schizophrenia
She finally losses it

So is she
Of some place
Far far away?

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