Sublime Cinderella on the Bus to Danvers Port Yacht Club

September 7, 2011
By ehen92 BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
ehen92 BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Two stereotypical teenagers, crazy with
Love and fun, swept up in sweet romance.
The bus rolling on moving as slow as Stairway to Heaven,
We danced and sang
?Poorly, loudly, and obnoxiously?
As Ke$ha boomed in the back ground so loud we thought we had broken the sound barrier.
The bus started to shake and vibrate
It shook heavier ever second and the vibrations from the sound boomed louder and louder
The windows looked as if they were about to crack, but
There we were locking eyes.
The music faded, everyone disappeared and it
Was just us two.

We left them all behind falling deeper into our black hole of love.
Falling head over heels for each other ? love was in the air.
With our love all things are possible, we have the love of a lifetime ? a love like ours is unstoppable for it was not puppy love.
“Our love will conquer all”
Blah, blah, blah.

And we never fought
We never thought of getting angry at another
We never had accusations of cheating
We never walked out on each other
We never lied to each other.
We never got stagnant
We never grew apart
We never evolved into different people
We never got our hearts broken into a million pieces
We never wanted to strangle each other at times
We never felt neglected living 13 hours apart
We never became stubborn a**holes who won’t sit through a chick flick after watching the endless hours of sports center and games
We never had an argument about looking at another girl and saying how hot she looked
Oh no, just like Cinderella and the prince
We lived happily ever after…

The author's comments:
Anne Sexton's mock of fairy tales helped inspire my poem.

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