To: My sick girlfriend, with love.

September 3, 2011
By JJLarson SILVER, South Jordan, Utah
JJLarson SILVER, South Jordan, Utah
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I could,
Rub your feet rub your head pat your tummy,
Make you food, macaroni, its so yummy.
Sing you songs, chase away all the wrongs of the day.
Hey hey.
I could,
mow your lawn, walk your dog, do your laundry.
Do the housework fluff your pillow and it'd all be,
totally fine,
as long as your mine.
Hey hey, that's my way,
of saying your the best,
just lie down get your beauty rest.
Tell me to start a quest,
i'll do it put me to the test.
I'll do what i can.
I promise that i am your man.
I'll make this a wonderful day.

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