Why me?

August 14, 2011
By Anonymous

I look outside and see
Son and dad playing soccer
Having fun,
No worries.
I doubt they ever fight
Always happy and nice.
Yet I'm in a house where fighting
Is all we do
Argue day after day. non stop.
I wish you were here dad
So i could live with you
It's sad
I don't remember your face
Or how tall you were
I only remember what you look like ifi see a picture of you
I don't cry anymore
Only sometimes
When i really know it's true
You'll never be back
Here with me
I'd have it so much easier if
I had atleast one parent
But no wi have none
I know mommy has not passed
But she's sick and always will be
Things will never be the same
You see
Mommy has been sick since i was a little kid
She used to play with me
That's what nana said
But yet I odn't remember
I dont't remember anything about mommy
I see her laying there
Not able to do anything
Nana having to take care of her
Mommy used to sing
Happy Birthday
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
But nothing comes out of her mouth anymore
She's getting sicker
Just got out of the hospital
After a month
Seeing her
Laying there
After seizure
Terrified me
I couldn't help but cry
I felt like I lost both of my parents
Even thought my mom can't take care of me
She will always be in my heart And she's forever my mom
But it makes me sad
Seeing her at home
But really not all there
I go passed her like she's not there
I wonder if something ever does happen to her
Will I be ashamed that I never said hi mommy
I look like her
At least everyone says that
But I don't believe them.
My moms beautiful
She's 33 but looks 19
Blue eyes brown hair
I always wonder if she never got sick
How she would talk or act
Would she love me
What kind of relationship would we have
Would we be close
Or would we always fight
Would I be able to tell her anything?
I love her always no matter what.
I just hope she werent sick
I always wonder why
Why god gave me this life
Dad passed away
Mom sick
Arguing grandparents
Hitting and arguing brother
Why me?

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