Poem #74 “Downtown

August 13, 2011
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So much stress I cant take it

The rich life not for EVERYBODY but, imma surely make it

Some say they know cause they can rap and they can fight..


Im a nobody!..Im Chubby, and I can write!….but its okay,

because these short stories you hear gonna take me a Long way some day.

and these life stories I write are gonna change alot of Lives oneday!

and From Now on, Im only speaking from the Heart!

My hearts a little Damaged, I think It needs a little spark!

You said that “Im The One”

So start the Story from The Start!

I labled your body fragile cause I dont wanna break your heart…

You mean so much to me

I guess its all LUCK for me!

They Say: “Love Don’t Cost A Thing”

So I guess I’ll give it all up for free!

and I only control my future,

I guess its all up to me

Choose Wisely

before your Downtown chasing Garbage Trucks for free!

You should Of stayed ins chool,

Now your “Downtown” poor!

Selling your body on the street,

Now your a “downtown Wh***”!

In the back of her mind she thinking…” What am I down here for?

I had a Husband and some kids, Now Im damn near Poor!

Then a man walks by……

So she said “What you standing there for”?

“I got a husband and some kids, I AIN’T STAYING NOMORE”

“and you ain’t my pimp cause I ain’t staying your wh***”

Shes Off to start a better Life!

So she SLAMS that door!

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