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July 17, 2011
By lee_la097 SILVER, Wood Dale, Illinois
lee_la097 SILVER, Wood Dale, Illinois
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Poems don\'t always rhyme, but show the feelings you had, at the time(: i wrote it myself, haha(:

I never thought I'd care
I always thought I would want to be alone

But now I see,
The thing I want most is attention

I may say I'm fine,
But why believe me,
Can't you see I'm lying
I truly am hurting

Aren't you going to bother me,
At least try to find out what's wrong
Don't you even care?

You might try once or twice,
But then you're distracted by others
No longer caring if I'm okay

I can understand why,
Why you might not have tried very hard
To find out what the problem was
I might have done the same

But please next time,
Try harder

All I want is to know that someone cares
That I'm not alone,
Because you'll be there

Try harder next time,
To make me feel loved
That's all I really want...?

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