Chained and Barbed Hearts

July 17, 2011
By kygbox BRONZE, Evansville, Indiana
kygbox BRONZE, Evansville, Indiana
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Time and tide wait for no man.

Tormented unimaginably to the depths of the inner soul and beyond,
Loss of hope and drowning in spirals of depression and sorrow,
Underlining the beginning of a broken heart,
Ending the life of the optimistic proud,

Unrelenting conditions hinder the push for brightness,
Like swimming against waves in the ocean,
Continuously realizing progress is unattainable,
This life is not promising and one not living for.

Persistence seems futile and the day of giving in is near,
The sun begins to rise, illuminating this plague,
For in the reach of that soul is the spawn of a love,
And jubilant tears are freed upon the newborn heart.

Finally these once broken chains will never bind again,
This strong and youthful heart,
And these barbs will diminish once and for all time,
Never to pierce the everlasting bond between passion and steadfast love.

The author's comments:
When I write poems, I write to openly receive feedback from my audience. I want to know what the poem means to them when they read it. Personally, this poem targets young love and that we are steadily traversing one person to another calling it "love". When the love bond is broken, we are thrown into a sadness and broken hearts. Eventually we move on and find another to replace the past and mend the wounds.

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