July 5, 2011
That snake—that long and spineless snake;
with that evil-tip tongue, so dark and deceptive,
always tempting me with false truths;
that slick, slimy, skin offering support
but instead sheds away leaving the mess behind
for me to exhaust my wallet and mind
making myself susceptible
to stress.

That snake—that deceitful, hellacious snake;
destroying all will that I may yet possess
until I willingly swallow any snake that I must
without reason or control of my decisions.

Down my throat it slides,
leaving its slime to coat my throat.
All the way into my stomach
where acid boils, the snake falls
To a hot, steamy, unstable death,
so its influence may be made upon me.

I feel it now, a blazing white hot liquid,
quickly rising through my blood up into my head
burning away all reason —
the venom has set in.

I feel nothing now, the pain is gone,
my anger extinguished, I think no more,
That snake — I love — I need —
That snake!

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