shiver of hope

June 28, 2011
By Kriss25Beastly SILVER, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Kriss25Beastly SILVER, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
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Life goes on, even without the ones you love...

Thoughts are in frenzy
The structure you really knew wasn’t there
Just pulled a disappearing act
Confusion for once isn’t what you feel
But loneliness and weakness is in its spot
Feeling like crying
But you won’t succumb to that temptation
Expressing your emotions is a part of the human race
But you refuse to, want to be brave, wait it out
People are getting worried, they see the back up
The stress in your eyes, the torture in your smile
The pain you try to hide in your body language
But no matter what, up comes your best poker face
Its seems to work till you start to talk
Than BAM something slips
You try to cover up, but things just start pouring out
You don’t realize what happened, how the tables got turned
There’s no way out, it’s no one faults
Their compassion and love pulls you deeper and deeper
They know more for once and you don’t care
You’re ready to let loose and freely talk
But something happens, you get distracted
Reality sets back in, the wall goes back up
You start to harden, time to walk away
You try to forget about what ever just happened
You know they won’t, it’s engrave in their minds
You get up, look around, and walk away
Happy, mad, scared, tired, speechless
But no matter what a weight seems lifted
However, even with the weightless feeling
You began to think about the pain, stress that might come
Your happiness is blinded by pain
Pain and stress that may never come
You see the clock, time, it flies
You think it’s not on your side
Loneliness is back, feeling weaker than before
You finally walk away, into the darkness
Emptiness around you, despite the fact, something catches your eye
You see a light, not so small, but not overwhelming
It’s not a phone, nor moon
Your friend, the one you opened up to
The one with the compassion is standing next to you
Caring, saying that they are there
You feel a warm shiver, a shiver of hope
Hope in the spot where confusion was
Hope knowing things are never the same
Time does flies, but friendship doesn’t end
You look down, a small path appears
You finally start to find your way in life…

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