How Little.

June 10, 2011
By Pranita BRONZE, Geneva, Illinois
Pranita BRONZE, Geneva, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"If there is no happy ending, the story isn't over."

The arrogance that people have is overwhelming.
Once power is given nothing good is ever done.
Once power is given, people can do wonderful things,
but once power is given the trees begin to fall
and the people begin to suffer. But you don’t care
because you have the money in hands. How little you know.

You are willing to destroy people’s lives, demolish
their truths and lies to keep that power. To have entire
countries at your feet. Respecting. Worshiping.
All in the emptiness of greed.
You are greedy for power as kids are for candy.
You don’t stop till you’re sick and then you’re in real trouble.
You thought you were invincible like the sky thought we wouldn’t
blacken her. How little you know.

Good will win in the end surely you realize.
Time and time again we’ve seen that happen and it will
happen again. Truth will rise. Destiny will play out.
All will stop and we will learn to live as a world,
not divided. We will regret the lives lost and we will
know that never again it will happen. How little we know…

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