Love is sacrifice

June 20, 2011
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She's dying.
You're crying.
White walls,
Billowing curtains,
Wind tousled hair,
Sunken cheeks,
Drifting eyes.

A smile,
Attempting to be strong,
While you shamelessly
By her side.

Squeezing hers
Until they turn blue.

You don't want her to go.
You'll do anything
To fix her.

It's her heart,
Fluttering faintly,
Like a sick bird.

You can feel it
Against your fingers,
Reaching towards you.

Inside she is screaming,
Her cries echoed by

You can save her.
You know you can.
Fingers pressing against her,
With purpose this time.

You close your eyes,
Imagine all of your energy flowing,
Into her.

You love her.
She is your everything.
You would do anything,
Including giving up your life,
For hers.

You can feel your strength waning,
Flowing into her.
Relief rushes at the knowledge you're helping her.
Even if you die,
She lives.

She is your everything.

But did you know,

That you are hers?

Her fingers snap up,
Gripping your arm.
Eyes fly open,

She tears you away,
Before you can finish.
She pushes forward,
Crying out as she rejects,
Your life.

With a cry, you fall back,
Seeing all you've done,
Rush back into you.

She looks happy,
As she falls back.
Eyes closing,
As that took,
Every last bit,
Of her strength.

With a cry of
And sorrow,
You grip her body,
Now silent,
Against your arms.

You speak to her
Quickly, desperately,
Trying to force her
To wake.

"Please," you cry,
Tears drenching your cheeks.
You kiss her all over,
Her eyes,
Her brow,
Her lips,
Hoping that maybe,
Life will flow back in.

You don't notice,
But her lips,
Curve into a smile.
She's glad even if,
You're sad,
Because love is

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