The Dream

May 30, 2011
By , Halfmoon, NY
Confusion everywhere.
Gunshots ring through the air.
The Sun dances in the sky.
Wild colors fly by.

Chased into my house.
By a hungry lion.
But a second layer, I’m in the air flying.
Slowly, I am getting hotter and frying.

I look down, and see I’m not a human.
My mouth is on fire, ignited by cumen.
Spring is coming, and the flowers are blooming.
I’m flying fast now, zooming across the sky.

I’m on a magic carpet, with an ancient Persian wizard.
Deep in the scorching desert, and yet there’s still a blizzard.
But now I go too close to the edge, and Aladdin pushes me over.
And I fall into an emblazed clover.

But the light comes quickly, and I awake.
To find myself pulled back by a shake.
I look, and I’m laying in my bed.
I suppose it was all in my head.

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