haha but did you check her vitals yet?

May 31, 2011
medical analysis:

excruciating pain caused by:

stomach- from eating the lies

lips- from chewing on every toxic one

throat- from all the screaming and countless cases of harbored breathing

eyes- from loss of tears

viens- from all the poison that can be neither sucked, bled, or cried out.

loss of feeling in:







level of hatred:



unfeeling, alone, empty, abandoned, betrayed

enduring pain that wont go away

no matter what i say

or listen to,

there is no such thing as friends or truth

or understanding or love...

at least not mutual love

NO. that does not exist my friends. you can search for it for all your life. youll be a rotting corpse before you get a clue. And so will I. because i am as clueless as you

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