Why I Love You

June 1, 2011
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I love you because of the way you stare at me with your warm brown eyes,

How you can take an average day and turn it into the fourth of July by nothing more than your presence of being with me,

Because there is a spot in my heart I didn’t know I was missing until I saw you standing in the crowded halls of Oshkosh North,

Because you like the “clicky guitar” when we play Guitar Hero and you feel it is necessary to curl up on my couch with me and my blue and purple fleece blanket,

Because when you spend a day with me, it goes by within a matter of minutes,
and even when you are 5.9 miles away from me, I still miss you as much as if we lived in separate states,

You make me smile at every single text you send me with a goofy face or a wink and even when you send me a message on Facebook that just says “Hey!”

Because you always smell like green apple shampoo, even though you tell me it is coconut and how you smile at me after you diss me with a joke about my eyes.

Because you’re cute when you ask for a bottle of water and look at me with a sad face if it’s too cold.

Because you’re the only girl in the world that calls me Alexander, and you always tell me not to “be that guy” when I tickle you,

Because your love is my drug,
and you love to listen to “T-Swift” on Pandora in my room,

Because you had me at hug four.

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