The Greatest Treasure

May 29, 2011
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I can tell what you’re thinking
Just by looking at you.
I know to read your eyes, face, voice;
Not just your words.
You tell me that
My glare chills your soul-
But yours sends shivers down my spine;
I’ve never seen such a horrendous sight.
Nothing makes me feel more fear;
Mixed with a strange combination
Of disgrace, an urge to comfort, and
Sadness that you should be angry.
And when your face sets
With determination,
I know better than to interfere.
But when I swear out of desperation,
You tell me that
You’ve never heard
A more shocking sound.
However for each sober emotion
You have two lighter ones.
When you talk to me
-Just me-
It’s the only time I ever see
Your guard completely down.
I see all your passions;
Along with all your worries.
And when you laugh,
I’ve never heard a more
Beautiful resonance.
And when I see that spark of pure
Uncontained love and joy in your eyes,
I can’t help but experience it too.
And even though I don’t merit it;
You always help me when I’m trapped,
Dejected, livid, discouraged.
I wish that I could do something for you,
But I have nothing worth giving.
The one time I was purely happy
-For just a few hours-
I could clearly see myself,
The real me;
And I know that you saw me too.
Those were the best hours
Of my life,
Because you were there with me.
And though I won’t admit it,
Your words still serenade me
And the smell of your skin
Is the best console I know.
Just to feel your presence near,
Or to lay my head on your shoulder
Soothes even my harshest emotions.
You give me so much more
Than what I deserve.
And even though our blood
Couldn’t be any more different,
Our souls, dreams, thoughts
Are tantamount.
And even though you’ve
Caused me unbelievable pain
-And I, you-
You are,
And will always be,
My dear sister.

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