Duct Tape

May 2, 2011
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Shining, flexible strips of silver
Useful for nearly every task:
Leaks and drips and broken
Hinges—I need nothing more
Than this miracle of engineering.
I cannot count on all
Four appendages
The amount of things I
Have forged with this smooth,
Sticky substance, composed of
Reflective magic.
I dare not read the inner ring
That it is wound upon for
Fear of discovering just what
My magic tape is really composed of.
It has mended so many things
In my life: furniture, pipes,
Hearts-- it must truly be made
Of pixie-dust and quicksilver!
A wallet fit for a thousand Benjamins
I can craft with a mere segment or two.
Or perhaps a set of fashionable
Bracelets if I have the time.
And if that fool in the corner’s
Gums are flapping, I can seal them up tight,
Good as new. Not a solid sound
To be heard again. I shall use
It on mine also;
Much too loose for my own
Ah, so many uses;
How does one find the time?
No, there is nothing that can
Quite compare to my
Glorious little roll of
Silver Magic.

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