Amidst the Gun Fire

April 19, 2011
By Anti-Human GOLD, Omaha, Nebraska
Anti-Human GOLD, Omaha, Nebraska
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The class clown
A shoulder to cry on
These are the things I remember
A great friend
A clean sense of humor
I cried before you left

You always made me laugh
You never held a grudge
You wanted to be a Marine
And I couldn’t stop you
I cried after you left
I didn’t know what to say

I hoped you’d write me
One day
You go through the training
You were toned and fit for battle
Amongst the front lines
You marched out the first day
You just wanted to prove yourself

You had nightmare’s
And you stopped writing poems
After the carnage that you saw
You went away to protect your country
But left behind your family
Amidst the gun fire
I hoped you thought of me

And when you came home
Wounded and ashamed
You came home
I told you I wrote you
You said
You never got them

Unable to protect
And a useless solider
You end it
With one pull
I wanted you to stay home
I wanted you here
But you went away to die
You came back alive
And died anyway

I hear your jokes in my dreams
I felt your pain
But I will never know what it feels like
A mist the gun fire


The author's comments:
I wrote this for all who suffer from PTSD

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