Bathroom Terror

April 13, 2011
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The bathroom is ajar.
Moment later
A smolder of golden light
Casts itself across the hall.
I freeze.
I start heading toward it
But stop a foot from the door,
Frightened of what’s inside.
But the luminosity glow of the light
Glistens brighter
And all is forgotten.
I am spell bound,
Heading toward it.
I find it,
The light.
It’s coming from a candle,
But it’s not where it is suppose to be.
It’s behind the mirror
Hovering in midair.
The atmosphere alters.
I know what’s going to happen before I see it,
But still doesn’t prevent me from cringing
When I see her.
Still doesn’t stop me
When I look into her crimson distressed eyes
And feel faint.
She states once again
Reaching out a hand to seize me.
I recoil,
Not wanting her to come into contact with me.
“I won’t hurt you,”
She utters in that raspy voice of hers
But still progressing toward me.
I look at her
Can’t whimper
Can’t budge
All I can do is stare.
By the time
I get the valor to scream and budge
It’s too late.
I’m already gone.

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